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Bowling, Wallace (William Wallace)



  • Existence: July 15, 1835- 1904

Wallace Bowling was raised in St. Mary's County, Maryland, the oldest son of Ann Locke and Charles Bowling. In August of 1862, he and his two brothers enlisted in the 2nd Maryland Infantry Regiment, Company A, Confederate States of America. Wallace and his brothers were involved in a number of major battles, the most significant one being Gettysburg. It was here that he was seriously wounded and captured. Following a prisoner exchange, he was hospitalized in Richmond, where he met a young nurse named Frances Ellen Doleman. The two were married, and after the war raised eight children in Westmoreland County, Virginia. All six of Wallace's sons eventually bought farms in Charles County, Maryland and died there. After his wife died at the age of 45, Wallace eventually moved to Charles County to live with his children. He died of consumption around 1904, at a farm near Allen's Fresh called Charlesborough Hills, and is buried at Trinity Episcopal Church near Newport.