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St. Paul's Episcopal Church Piney Parish (Waldorf, Md.)



  • Existence: May 29, 1754-

St. Paul’s Chapel of Ease, better known as St. Paul's, Piney, was established on Wednesday morning, May 29, 1754 by an Act of the General Assembly of Maryland. St. Paul's, Piney remained a Chapel of Ease from 1754 until 1967. In 1967, St. Paul's, Piney was granted permission by the Diocese of Washington to organize as a separate parish. It officially became St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Piney Parish in January 1968. Unfortunately, vestry minutes for two formative historical periods in American history 1754-1821, the revolutionary period and birth of our nation, and 1848-1895, the time period which tested the resolve of the country and its people, have not been found. Much of the history of our church and cemetery comes to us by word-of-mouth only and is now documented in The History of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. An excellent resource regarding the history of this small Episcopalian church, The History of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church contains information and anecdotes about the cemetery as well.

St. Paul's, Piney's cemetery is also one of the oldest in Southern Maryland and has known interments dating back to the early 1800s.